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Is Quantity or Quality better for Social Media?

"Which is better for Social Media Quality or Quantity?" White text, grey background

Managing through the social media jungle can seem overwhelming and a daunting task. You have to go through the process of coming up with an idea and developing content that brings your idea to life. The real question remains after you develop your content? Is the quality up to par with your brand? Is it best to push out as much content to make sure you stay in your audience's mind?

Well don't fret! Here are some things to think about when it comes to those questions:

"Pros and Cons of Quantity over Quality"

Pros and Cons of Quantity over Quality



  • You're remaining consistent with posting which shows that you're active on your platforms.

  • When people are searching for you, it shows that you have a presence online and it shows how convenient it would be to contact you via Direct Messaging or Email.

  • You have a better chance at noticing when your audience is active depending on the engagement or reach your content makes.

  • You'll have the analytics to determine what type of content your audience/customers prefer.


  • You won't be able to focus too much on messaging.

  • Your content visually may look rushed and sloppy.

  • You'll have a higher chance of errors (Spelling, Dates, etc.).

  • You'll run through all of your ideas.

Quantity is a crucial piece to the puzzle of social media marketing, you have to remain consistent and in people's minds. However, quality takes a part in how your audience views you in a professional stance. Check out the pros and cons below!

"Pros and Cons of Quality over Quantity"

Pros and Cons of Quality over Quantity



  • You'll have visually appealing content that will stop the scroll on peoples feeds.

  • You'll have thorough well thought out content that will add to whatever you apply it to.

  • Less chances for mistakes because you have time to throughly look over your content.

  • Less likely to run out of ideas.


  • Your presence may be slim on social media

  • You'll have to wait a little longer to get a read on who your audience is a what type of content they prefer.

  • Posting may not be consistent and dwindle over time

Regardless of which one you decide to choose over the other, remain consistent and on brand. Still need some direction? Check out some tips below!

"Here are some other things to think about"

Here are Some Other Things to Think About (Content Wise)


Is it Professional?

  • Make sure that the content you push out quantity or quality wise remains professional and up to your standards. (Photos exported in high quality, spell checks, and your call to action.)

  • Ask yourself, "Is this the way I want to portray my brand?"

  • Having consistent professional content on your platforms bring credibility when it comes to potential clients looking for someone to hire.

Does it align with your brand?

  • Make sure your content is aligned with the personality of your brand. Ask the question "Is this a message that helps my brand grow?", "If my business was a person, would this be something they would say?"

"Which is better for your business" in white text over black and grey background. Woman looking to the left.

Which is Better for your Business?


Whatever you decide is best for your business. A perfect balance of both is ideal, however, some business have more time to spare on social media than others. It's important to remain consistent and develop engaging content that shows your brand or business in a good light. What do you think is more important in the social media world, Quality or Quantity? Comment your thoughts down below!

Curious on what other tips that could make your social media grow or need branding tips? Contact Tom Sadler and Associates, and receive a digital marketing analysis at no cost!

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