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Transferring your business online. 5 Simple Ways to Adapt.

Black background with man holding open sign words on top " Transferring your business online. 5 Simple ways to adapt."

Since last year we've been dealing with a Pandemic that has changed the way we all operate. A new digital age has been forced upon us and small business have no choice but to adapt and try their best to survive. So here are some helpful tips on adapting onto the online realm.

1. View an online business as a convenient way to run your business

First things first, give yourself some grace when adjusting your business online it can be a frightening and new experience. Don't view your online business as a new complete store but rather an addition to the store you're already running. With transferring your business online you'll gain reach and new customers.

2. Develop social media profiles

In today's digital age having social media can build your credibility and show that your business is active and ready to serve. Having different ways for your current customers to connect with you and share your posts with their family and friends can be the reach you need to build your customer base. Also having social media can be a nice medium for those who are looking for specific services that you offer.

3. Inform your customers about your online services.

Let your customers know that you have social media and are offering your services online. Print out signs and post it on your door that you're available online via social media and website, post about it on your social media, or rely on word of mouth.

4. Develop a user friendly website

Developing a user friendly website for your customers to easily request your services. It gives customers a good first impression of your business, it also shows professionalism. Don't know how to build a website? There are many beginner friendly website platforms to where you can easily build your business a e-commerce website. Websites like Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify, and even WIX.

When making your website, remember to keep it branded according to your business and include a home page, about page, shop page, and an contact page. The basics for a professional website.

5. SEO is your friend

Making sure that your website is optimized is important to ensure that browsers recognize your website and that you're easy to find when a potential customer is seeking services your business provides. Platforms will often have a user friendly step-by-step option for Basic Search Engine Optimization. However, if you don't want to go through the hassle of SEO or want a professional team to build your website, don't hesitate to contact Tom Sadler and Associates.

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