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Simplicity Is Key (A Basic Graphic tutorial for your brand)

"Simplicity is key" a basic graphic tutorial

Finding your perfect style for your brand can be a tricky task. However, once you find that brand you'd think it be smooth sailing from there right? Well, not quite. After you develop your brand, colors, and message it's time to compile them all together. This is when things get crucial. Have you thought, how to display this all in a visually compelling way? Well here's a short tutorial blog on how to develop your brand, into a graphic, in a clear concise way.

First things first let's build our mock company. Let's build a cleaning service brand and execute it. We'll go with colors that makes you think clean and bright. So a powdery blue, white and pastel yellow.

Now that we have our brand colors, lets think about our ideal clients. Someone who has a full-time job, with kids, and unable to keep up with deep cleaning every two weeks or month. When designing this, remember Simplicity is key. Keep a nice clean, sleek, design that speaks volumes.

Simplicity with design is key

When developing your design, it's always best to stick to a solid background with little to no elements. It gives you a fresh canvas to work on and also makes your graphic easier to read.

Blue background with yellow box to right of graphic with white sparkle clip art at the edge.

Now we're gonna add a few elements that represent the services well. For this instance, I felt like it was okay to just add one.

Blue background with pastel yellow box. Within the box is a hand with a blue glove spraying a white bottle.

Now that you have your base. It's time to add some wording. It's best to keep it simple, and include your information.

Final version of graphic with promotional text and blue glove with white spray bottle.

And there you have it, a nice professional clean graphic that could go in an email. Be adapted into a flyer or social media post. It stands out and gets straight to the message. Remember to let your design breathe, but also try to avoid too many gaps. (We'll go over this in our next blog.)

Unsure still, make various styles of a design for your brand and ask those who you trust which looks better. Simple is usually better for professionalism and for those who are just starting out on their graphic design journey for their business.

Need more than Graphic Design tips? Contact us for a Marketing Analysis!

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