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Not Just a Job Board: Lead Generation on LinkedIn

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Lead Generation on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a sales professional’s dream. With a vibrant B2B interface and detailed search features, LinkedIn facilitates lead generation like no other social media platform.

That’s because LinkedIn integrates content generation with its primary function—to help users find jobs while expanding their career networks. In addition to operating as a job board, LinkedIn fosters professional communities, provides developmental training, and utilizes data to create a prime market for targeted advertising.

Also, LinkedIn has the highest conversion rates among its peers for a reason: when people use LinkedIn, they come in ready to engage in critical employment decisions and advancement. There’s less skimming and more reading, and you can bet that the content itself will relate to subjects that users are actually interested in.

After all, it makes sense that users would take their professional development more seriously on LinkedIn than on other social media platforms. Anything that increases the chances of employment, promotion, or work-life improvement naturally garners more attention—which is why LinkedIn is such a crucial (yet often untapped) stream of lead generation.

So, how does LinkedIn lead generation work, and why should small businesses invest in this professional social media presence? Two words: matched audiences.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Because so many direct marketers love LinkedIn’s services, the site has a dedicated page for advertising outreach. With one click, users can get started with managing their own ad campaign.

But what sets LinkedIn’s marketing solutions apart from other advertising platforms is that it utilizes LinkedIn’s networking system to match audiences with companies. Advertisers have a lot of power in this situation; they know exactly who their target audience is and can visualize the web of connections that a singular lead can create.

LinkedIn’s data collection process is so thorough and specific that marketers can map out their engagement status down to the smallest detail—for example, LinkedIn will allow you to retarget a user that visited your website or viewed one of your ads.

This further increases the chance of a conversion and provides better results to any decision-makers. It is also valuable to b2b marketers to help them create the best content for those users.

LinkedIn also has a holistic approach for utilizing demographic data to narrow down your audience for the most effective success rate possible. If your audience only includes freelance writers that worked at a singular company, you can pour your energy into advertising to that specific population.

The concept of ‘matched audiences’ is magnified because LinkedIn is already focused on building B2B connections and encouraging data-driven advertising techniques. It takes the mystery away from digital marketing and places the power in the hands of the user, an essential element for developing a healthy professional profile.

Now, even though LinkedIn has proven its efficacy at garnering conversions, there is still the question of whether this platform is right for your small business—which is where LinkedIn’s objective-based pricing comes in.

Small Business Perspective

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LinkedIn’s marketing solutions are intuitive as they get, and the system for getting those solutions is similarly user-friendly. You compete in an ad auction for the ability to market to your desired audience, with a variety of bid strategies to choose from. Then, once you’ve secured your ad space, you can begin directly managing your campaigns.

The most noteworthy part of LinkedIn’s advertising offers is that they can be entirely personalized. Depending on who you want to advertise to and what kind of activity you want to see, you can maximize LinkedIn’s marketing solutions within a modest budget.

Additionally, LinkedIn breaks down different kinds of advertising objectives and allows users to price according to marketing goals. Do you want to build brand awareness or glean more website visits? Or are you focused on just generating those leads?

Whatever it is you need, ads on LinkedIn give you outcome-oriented and data-driven strategies—for example, there’s a pre-filled form that is tailor-made to capture leads using user data, which can definitely bolster your online sales output.

You only pay for what you will actually use on LinkedIn, making these in-depth advertising strategies more accessible and feasible for small businesses with fewer marketing resources.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Strategies

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LinkedIn Marketing Labs is a great tool to help your narrow down your lead generation strategies. LinkedIn offers app services that can help you learn the aspects of LinkedIn ads and lead generation.

Specifically, LinkedIn Lead gen forms. A lead gen form will help you organize your high-quality leads, prove ROI, and scale up your LinkedIn ad campaigns.

There are also several out-of-app software programs that you can use to automate messages and collect contact information for qualified leads. However, most of these programs require a monetary investment and still require other concentrated efforts.

One final tip is to make sure you use your personal LinkedIn profile along with your business account to maximize all potential leads. As a reminder, most people would rather connect with another person than a company.

Getting Started with Lead Gen

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While LinkedIn certainly offers a great deal of support to its users, it’s also important to remember that digital marketing isn’t (or ideally shouldn’t be) an isolated effort. Best practices for generating leads on any social network include incorporating blog posts, creating the best content, and utilizing other social media platforms.

Want to get started integrating LinkedIn with your digital marketing strategy? Hit us up for a broader view of how to develop your online presence and generate as many leads as possible!

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