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5 Benefits for Starting an Email Newsletter Campaign

Email Newsletters are a great way to get your brand directly in front of your audience. Regardless if you're a B2B or a B2C company, email newsletters can easily increase not only your reach but also your sales. Learn just some of the amazing benefits of email newsletter campaigns.

In order to run a successful email newsletter campaign, you must first create a database. This can be done by collecting information from your existing customer base, while also collecting data from potential customers through your website. Add a subscribe or contact form to your website to easily send out information to these interested people. Here are just some of the benefits of sending your database email newsletters.

1. Easily Update Your Customers

Create email newsletters to update your customer base on new information that is going on within your company. This means that not every email needs to be sales based. They can be informational on upcoming events, new company initiatives, and even Covid-19 updates that affect store hours or services. The main thing to think about is that people like the information in healthy doses. We normally recommend monthly emails.

"Fully 91% of the general public wants to see promotional emails from companies that they trust" (Source: Marketing Sherpa).

2. Build Credibility

Become an industry thought leader through your campaign by providing inside information on your industry. Not only does this build credibility and trust, but it also creates transparency between your company and your viewers. Show them that you know what you are talking about by sharing your knowledge with them in an organized and visual way.

3. Great Way To Test New Marketing Ideas

One of the best ways to test out marketing ideas is through trial and error. Unfortunately, this can come with a price. Creating AB testing through your email marketing allows you to segment your audience size and send different variations to see which develops the best response.

4. A Way To Warm-Up Leads

Think about the last time you made a big purchase. Did you do your research on the product/service or even the company that is supplying the purchase? Some people chose to subscribe to receive more information before pulling the trigger on their next purchase. Supplying them with this research can reassure them and push them to make the purchase sooner in a noninvasive way. Warming up your leads will allow you to reach out to them knowing that they have some information on who you are and why you are calling them. You are no longer a stranger but a company that has already entered the mailbox.

5. Can Start A Conversation

It's always easier to have a conversation when all parties have at least some sort of knowledge on the subject. That is where email newsletters come in. By educating your potential clients, you are creating more knowledgeable leads. Not only will they have a better understanding of their own needs but also how your company will meet those needs.

If you need assistance with your email newsletters, give us a call and we would love to assist you. Whether you have questions you need to be answered in order to get started or you would like us to run your campaigns, let's have a conversation.

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