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How can I use analytics effectively?

Analytics can be confusing, I remember how I was confused my first time gaining and trying to apply the information I was given into an effective plan. I realized that it's about changing your mindset on encountering analytics and different ways to use these analytics to find different audiences.

Identify your target audience/ideal customer.

First things first, define what a "target audience" is. Your targeted audience is a marketing term for the customers that have been currently interacting well with your business, or who you would like to interact with your business. A better way to identify it simply could be your ideal customer.

When you gain the data you need, realize that this isn’t just a number, these are real people. Build a persona of them, what age are they? What do they typically go to the store for? Why should they purchase your product? What will make your brand stand out to them compared to the other competitors? Build your customer and give them a personality.

By building your buyer persona, you narrow down all those numbers into little facts about your customer.

Know what platform is best for which age group to market to.

It's a well-known idea that each platform has a specific age group audience it attracts.

According to Sprout Social

- Facebook: Top Two Age Demographics are 25-49, Majority Women

- Instagram: The Overwhelming Age Demographic is 18-24, Majority Women

- Twitter: Age Demographics 18-49, Majority Men

- LinkedIn Age Demographic is pretty diverse as well 25-64, Men and Women

-Pinterest: Age Demographics 18-24 & 30-49, Majority Women

-Snapchat: The Overwhelming Age Demographic is 18-24, Men and Women

See an age demographic that fits your customer above? Start off promoting on that platform!

“So, what do I do with this information?

The phrase “Don’t knock it til you try it” applies here. This is when you go through the trial and error process of campaigns and content. There are many sources you can use on each platform to promote your business that is friendly to business owners in each stage of their business.

Remember, Campaigns and Ads are an investment, the more you put in, the more will come out. So set your budget at $50 a week minimum. Can’t get to that point yet? No worries! Do what you can to get that reach, share to your personal page, ask friends and family to share your page or products with their friends, and so on. Invent a new age of "word of mouth marketing". Also, make sure to take advantage of every opportunity you come across. Use Hashtags that your ideal customer would search and develop content you're confident in and that aligns with what your ideal customer is looking for.

Want a thorough marketing strategy and a team to help you step by step? Contact the professionals at Tom Sadler and Associates. We're more than happy to provide you a plan that works for you and your business.

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